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Ebony Power 100

  • SALOME SOLOMON | Jan 29, 2017 at 11:18 pm

    I enjoyed reading Shining Star, it was full of many surprises! I was in 7th grade when I first started hearing Earth Wind and Fire music on the radio. First, “September.” That song felt like magic to me then and it still does! I still get giddy when I hear it!!! Next EWF song I recall hearing was “Reasons” (don’t recall hearing it 1975 though), and teen-aged Black boys LOVED that song. That song is so sexy lyrically, vocally and musically–it’s soul-searching aspect (conscience) gets ignored–just as humans do when they find themselves in similar situations that the song depicts–all reasoning goes out the window and soul-searching is put off for after the fact, lol! “After the Love Has Gone” coincided with my first love/break up–yes, young love! I go crazy for Boogie Wonder Land–OMG! I love to hear it driving on the highway, ampted up!!!
    One day it occurred to me one day that I didn’t know anything about one of my favorite musical groups and it suddenly seemed absurd–after deriving so much joy, happiness and optimism from the music of ‘EWF–that I knew little to nothing. That’s when I started researching and realized you had a memoir out. I already owned a couple of EWF albums (I stole from my ex-husband) but I felt I should have more. I got a number of CDs and a translucent gold vinyl album that I’m scared to mess with so I put it up carefully. I have Maurice’s memoir which I will be reading on my lunch breaks.
    Little did I know that EWF had a break up in 1980. Philip Bailey, I admire your faith in the Supreme Being–GOD. I enjoyed getting the scoop on how you started out in music from a youth, your trials, errors and accomplishments. Music business is no joke, I see! So glad you followed your passion and that you guys stuck together through thick and thin. Wishing you all much continued success both individually and collectively. Peace, Love and Blessings!

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