Philip Bailey | Japan Tour
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Japan Tour

  • Thobani Shabalala | Dec 8, 2016 at 9:46 pm

    Hi Sir im actually an African young man living in South Africa , live performance was so attractive to me an early age in my in-fact I tried to ignore the plea until live music eventually hugely reinforced itself to my life permanently lol. In manner that my friends used laughed at myself nicknamed me as backward young man. Over past 20 years I have had gradually honoured to learn and listen to different musical genres such as Afro Jazz ,Reggae ,Fusion and many more ,it is within this live performance journey that I discovered the sensational music of EWF. In usual fact I always mesmerised by drummers & bass guitarists however in the case of EWF things dramatically changed I affectionately taken by your voice as the lead singer. Thanks to the quality of your art you such a Masterpiece Mr Bailey , cant resist to listen to your musical genius track called REASON more than I could count.Take Care all the Best to your endeavours.

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